What we do

TJD is an accomplished brand transposition and digital media company. We help to enliven new businesses and rejuvenate existing ones by utilizing our network of seasoned experts to help transform imagination into reality.

Company and product branding, merchandise, digital and interactive ads and apps; each project is tailor made to meet your creative needs with vision, conceptualization and purpose. Experienced in multiple digital mediums with a passion for technology and market focus.  We want to know our clients, so that we can understand their business needs and goals. It is through this process we can innovate any project with state of the art design and marketing objective, to provide you the finest in custom design.


TJD utilizes our many years of experience and broad skills sets to enhance and bring focus to your company identity through creative branding, digital marketing, social media and unique merchandise design.

Our past collaboration with clients have yielded bold and innovative results that effectively identify company and product objectives, delivering just the right touch to their target market.


TJD has multiple decades of experience in digital media, marketing and interactive games on multiple platforms. With focus on client needs as well as the end user experience, we excel in collaboration through design to create innovative end product.

  • Creative Branding/Corporate Identity -  Graphic design and assets for Logos, Business Cards, Sales & Marketing Peripherals (video ads, print ads, brochures, line sheets, menus), Websites, etc.  


  • Digital Graphics & Design - Concept & Production Graphics for Digital & Print Games, Promotional Graphics.

  • Video Editing/Animation - Editing, Graphics and Animation for Promotional Videos, Instructional Videos, Trade Show Videos and Video Ads.

  • Packaging & Merchandise Design - Graphics and Design for Product Packaging, Promotional Merchandise (shirts, banners, posters, etc.), CD/DVD Graphics and more.

  • Social Media Graphics - Graphics and Videos for Social Media.

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